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Railtown 1897 State Historic Park
Jamestown, California
November 2, 2005

Located in California's scenic gold rush region, Railtown offers tours and exhibits that will please most any rail enthusiast.  I had only half an hour to look around, but will definitely visit again.  See their website at:

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The buildings are situated in a beautiful meadow at the foothills of the Sierras.

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Don't let the sign scare you away.  The exhibits are very accessible.

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The light in the interior of the out buildings was perfect on this overcast fall day.

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A rusty, but serviceable wheel on a huge press.

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I was lucky to be there on such a quiet day.

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A nicely restored handcar looks ready to roll.

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This boiler had just undergone a recent inspection and has thickness values marked on its exterior.

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The atmosphere conveys a real working railroad shop feel.

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Check out the beautiful curved spokes on this drilling machine.

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A wheelset on a large lathe. 

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I can't say enough about the beautiful light in these buildings.

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It's easy to get lost in time at Railtown 1897.

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The equipment at Railtown is well cared for, but not overly restored.

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Can you smell the steam oil?

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The overall impression is of a working railroad.

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A nicely colored artifact from days gone by.

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Every item in the shops has a rich patina.

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Again, the lighting helps bring the machines to life.

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The colors are incredible wherever you look.

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