National Summer Steamup
McClellan, California
July 18 - July 21, 2007

The National Summer Steamup was founded by Richard Finlayson in 1997.  Although Richard no longer runs the show, this year marked the 10th anniversary of this outstanding event.  See the Summer Steamup home page for more information.

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77210002.jpg (155115 bytes)

One of Kevin Schindler's 7/8" scale beauties making use of the 32mm portion of the dual gauge track

77190060.jpg (124368 bytes)

Al Holston prepares his Sammie based 0-4-0 with its Norm Saley built saddle tank

77200106.jpg (125837 bytes)

Jim McDavid is seen tending to his coal fired Duchess (seen here double headed with Tony Dixon's locomotive)

77200069.jpg (85001 bytes)

Richard Finlayson gave an informative and entertaining presentation titled "A Walk Around The Steam Block"

77190014.jpg (104960 bytes)

Aster German Mallet

77190028.jpg (130178 bytes)

Lady of the Lake is a beautiful model of a "single wheeler" from another time

77190031.jpg (123951 bytes)

Another shot of the 2-2-2

77190032.jpg (116342 bytes)

Steve Shyvers' unique vertical boilered chain driven lokey 

77190036.jpg (130509 bytes)

Gary White is working on his Americanized Aster Mogul

77190053.jpg (146120 bytes)

Dwight Ennis' one of a kind North Pacific Coast cab forward locomotive #21

77190064.jpg (126239 bytes)

Al's Sammie bash sports a great plume coming around the bend 

77190067.jpg (105356 bytes)

Here's a look at the entire train of cars built by Gary Watkins of Sierra Valley Enterprises

77200070.jpg (138656 bytes)

There were many locomotives on display in the dealer room

77200072.jpg (122048 bytes)

Here we see Stretch Manley speaking to a potential customer

77200073.jpg (136869 bytes)

Even a GS4 looks small when sitting next to the huge SP cab forward

77200074.jpg (136142 bytes)

Pete Comley showing his line of track and supplies

77200077.jpg (163401 bytes)

A close look at one of the two sets of cylinders on the cab forward 

77200078.jpg (145092 bytes)

Here's a beautifully painted Accucraft 2-6-0 "Nevada"

77200082.jpg (109676 bytes)

Some of the very nice cast switch stands from Llagas Creek

77200083.jpg (118011 bytes)

An Aster Grasshopper taking a rest after a furious run

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