National Summer Steamup
McClellan, California
July 24 - 26, 2009

This year's National Summer Steamup set a new attendance record.  Even so, plenty of track time was available to all.  We saw several new faces as well as the usual cast of characters.  See the Summer Steamup home page for information on attending next year's event.

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Henner's beautiful scratch-built Betsy Jane

Steve explains to Ann why smoke is a good thing

Dwight's #21 really came together with a coat of paint

This is where the hobby seems to be heading - It's good dirty fun!

This loco is 4-3/4" gauge...

As my eyesight "matures" this makes more sense

Rob checks the fire

Another look at Dwight's #21

Tom's log cars with freshly cut timber are always available

A Bing engine from around 1915

The paint appears to be original and is in excellent condition

Craig lights the burner in his shay

Jim's readies his Great Northern S-2

Four Pannier Tanks being readied

Where there's smoke there's fire

Steve's coal conversion of a Roundhouse boiler is looking very nice

Ann may be well on her way to joining the coal fraternity

Kevin is already hooked - check the ashpan glow

Tom and Gary chat at trackside

More proof that not all live steamers where born before man first walked on the moon

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