National Summer Steamup
McClellan, California
July 13 through 18, 2011

This year marked the 15th running of the NSS! The weather was better than ever and a large crowd came to tune, run, and appreciate all kinds of small scale live steam.

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Richard Murray owns this scratch-built oscillator made from plans once available in Live Steam Magazine

A young live steamer discusses his engine with an onlooker

View of the crank axle and valve gear eccentric on Jerry Reshew's Planet Classs loco

John Coughran giving "Tertius" the once over - John broke his arm during the steamup - We all wish him a speedy recovery

A beautiful Aster "Reno" 4-4-0 with a custom paint job

Bob Trabucco's Accucraft Royal Hudson cooling down after a run

Roundhouse Lady Anne in blue paint

Coal fired conversion of Roundhouse SR&RL #24 Check out the glowing ashes!

Dave Cole presents Geoff Spenceley with the Ron Brown Memorial Steamup Enthusiasm Award - as voted by his peers

L to R; Jim McDavid, Bob Trabucco, Tony Dixon, Dave Cole, Bill Turkel, Geoff Spenceley, Sonny Wizelman, Clark Lord, Dan Pantages, Howard Freed

Kevin Schindler and Jim Hadden approach the podium...

to recieve their "BS" award for voting early and often!   ;-)

Bill Baxley thrashed for two weeks to convert this K4 from electric to live steam

Accucraft Nevada County Narrow Gauge "Grass Valley #1" 4-4-0

Accucraft Mich-Cal Shay

Nicely done Regner Konrad conversion

My Carette Storkleg performed flawlessly and put in about ten runs

Bob Trabucco and his Royal Hudson

John Thomson's inimitable and wonderfully entertaining coal fired version of the BAGRS loco

Carl Malone's coal fired, Harvey Watkin's built, Roundhouse conversion in 7/8" scale

Steve Shyvers' scratch built coal fired boiler on a modified Roundhouse Billy chassis

Tom King's Crickets with a blockhead (arch enemy of Gumby) at the controls

John Thomson adds water to his coal fired BAGRS project

Another look at Carl's 7/8" scale coal fired loco underway

Photos 1        Photos 2        Photos 3        Videos 1        Videos 2

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