National Summer Steamup
McClellan, California
July 13 through 18, 2011

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This strange brew by Jim Hadden features Doug and Bob McKenzie as crew

This loco appears to be based on a Regner "Micro" stationary engine No. 40520

Doubleheading a pair of Berkshires

Detail of the well engineered Regner Chaloner

This awesome machine runs every bit as well as it looks

Alan Redeker's beautifully done Cab-Forward conversion

Detail of a very nicely painted 4-4-0

Steve Shyvers' coal fired Billy derivative features a scratch built boiler

David Outteridge's "Spam Can" Bulleid Light Pacific

Fast freight - Aster Berkshire hauling the goods

G1MRA Project Locos displayed during an infomative clinic

Jim McDavid's coal fired G1MRA Project

Dave Hotmann shows his pocket dynamometer

Traction engine from above (note the vaporising burner)

Rob Meadows adds water

A wealth of information was shared in the G1MRA clinic

A close look at Dave's dynamometer

My table full of some of my favorite toys

Bill Baxley and one of his pair of Aster K-4s

A rare shot of "Ant" standing still

Birdwater and Raspberry flat

Fleischmann Stationary steam c. 1959

Nicely made Argyle Philadelphia

Last look at Richard's "Ant"

Photos 1        Photos 2        Photos 3        Videos 1        Videos 2

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