National Summer Steamup
McClellan, California
July 19 through 22, 2012

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Some of my favorite steam powered toys.

Grover Cleaveland shows the hand-split slate in his 32mm wagons.

Crosshead detail of an Aster Schools Class locomotive.

A group of Alan Redeker's beautiful Cab Forwards.

Chris Coley running his Aster Grasshopper with period coaches.

Duc's Aster Western Maryland Shay hauls the freight.

Ron Bacon's SP 2-10-2 looks powerful.

The new Accucraft Dora is reported to list at $395.

Kevin Schindler checks out an Accucraft SP 4-6-0.

Rob Coley's Aster Grashopper takes a lap.

Paul Hagglund's Accucraft locos "Caledonia" and "Peveril".

Jim McDavid tends to his Aster Great Northern S2.

Crickets have been on the scene since the mid '90s.

I didn't record the maker or owner of this fine looking Porter.

Henner Meinhold is a master craftsman as evidenced by his Guinness locomotive.

Alan Redeker operating one of his masterpieces.

John Polen watches as Grover Cleveland operates "Ogwen".

Dwight Ennis watches as Gary Woolard operates his Mason Bogie.

Mort Goesser (l) and Duc Nguyen (r) watch as Jim Recker operates his Marklin loco.

Variety is part of the attraction of a large steamup.

Photos 1        Photos 2        Photos 3        Photos 4        Photos 5

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