National Summer Steamup
McClellan, California
July 19 through 22, 2012

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Kevin O'Connor provided an excellent hands-on course on silver brazing.

Ron Sickler tends to his "Cricket" loco.

Grover Cleveland tends to "Ogwen".

Jim Goss and Richard Murray enjoy Richard's antique toy steam.

Kevin having fun - seriously!

Kevin brushes borax based flux on a copper demo assembly.

My composition of Grover Cleveland composing his shot.

Mike O'Rourke (founder of Berkeley Locomotive Works) visits with Dave and Dan.

Even, quick, and thorough heat being applied by student brazer Jim Gabelich.

Kevin's seminar was well attended, highly informative, and enjoyable.

A teapot locomotive/passenger hauler.

Geoff Spenceley (in blue), expert on all things Guinness, discusses Henner's outstanding model with the builder.

Another shot of 4145 hauling "umpteen" reefers.

Rik and Susan Beeson with part of their outstanding collection of steam models.

The Accucraft 2-10-2 appears to be a strong performer.

An Accucraft Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4.

Steve Heselton fires his Accucraft K-27 Mudhen.

Coal firing always draws a crowd - (l-r) Richard Wright, Jeff Williams, and Steve Heselton.

Check out the different details on each locomotive - Alan Redeker pays attention to the details.

Rob Lenicheck's beautifully weathered Accucraft K-27 at rest.

Photos 1        Photos 2        Photos 3        Photos 4        Photos 5

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