National Summer Steamup
McClellan, California
July 19 through 22, 2012

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Brittany Grimm checks the backhead of her coal fired Ruby.

Dave Hottmann, John Polen, and Jim Gabelich team up to get a Mason Bogie underway.

Phil Huntingdale and his Accucraft all GS-4 in black.

Henner Meinhold's Guinness loco in the transfer crane with gauge adaptor.

Alan Redeker's awesome machine can really pull.

Accucraft 4-4-0.

Ann Stephens looks on as Brittany Grimm stokes the coal fire in her Ruby.

1903 Carette Storkleg runs fast and is a joy to behold.

Phil Oldenhage discussing steam locos with Casey Wilmunder.

Gary Whaley sets an Accucraft 4-4-0 on the track.

Rob Lenicheck and Jerry Abreu discuss Rob's scratchbuilt RGS 0-6-0.

Steve Heselton and Rob Lenicheck enjoying the steamup.

Debbie Smith shows her ingenious speedometer car made using an Arduino.

An 0-4-0 under construction being displayed by Mark Scrivener.

Sonny Wizelman's son, Jason, checks out the Carette.

A saddletank 0-4-0 "Ada" seen between runs.

Dave Cole presented awards and prizes to an enthusiastic crowd Saturday evening.

(l-r) Jill Ballard, Joe Rohanna, Brittany Grimm, and Eileen Rohanna.

Geoff Spenceley speaking with Joe Rohanna.

Late Saturday night the crowd has thinned and the room has cooled. It's almost over already...

Photos 1        Photos 2        Photos 3        Photos 4        Photos 5

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