Steamup at Jon Bloom's
Orinda, California
December 8, 2001

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Ed Timmerman's Sammie showing the kind of plume we all look forward to this time of year, speeds past Ann Stephens as she prepares for a run.
This Mike Chaney built Catatonk Shay changed hands at the event.  The names of the parties involved in the transaction are being withheld to protect the innocent. 
Mike Martin's newest project engine.  The boiler was a loaner from our gracious host Jon Bloom.  The Midwest engine had less than 10 minutes run time on it.  Nonetheless, it was a willing and able performer, easily* making several laps around Jon's new track.

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* OK, easily is a relative term.  As it turned out, building to 7/8" scale has its drawbacks.  However, it was nothing that couldn't be overcome with a little help from one's friends...
Jim McDavid holding the aluminum (Aluminium for the sticklers...) bodywork of one of the Tenmille coaches he is building.  These look like a lot of work.  Jim has plenty of time though, his custom built engine isn't due for about 24 months.
Patrick Bloom's Shay "Tilden".  OK, so it's not live steam, but it is a fine looking engine and is well loved by it's owner.

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Steve Shyvers' 4-2-0 project.  He's helping us keep up the good name of chain driven lokies.  The workmanship is beautiful.  We are looking forward to seeing it run.


The engine on Steve's project is based on a single cylinder unit from Graham Industries.  Graham makes a really neat line of ready to assemble engines.  Many have found their way into model locomotives.

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Steve Heselton, a new attendee, brought this beautiful Accucraft Consolidation in classic D&RG colors.
Tony Dixon and his immaculate coal fired "Robin Hood".  That's smoke, not steam! 
Ann's Pearse 0-6-0 sets off on a lap around Jon's track.  Pearse engines aren't just good looking, this is a powerful and rugged locomotive.

If you don't see your engine in the pictures above, either you weren't there, or I didn't get a good picture. :-)

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