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Steamup at Bob Trabucco's
Los Altos, California
April 1, 2006
We have had a record number of rainy days in the San Francisco Bay Area this year.  Somehow our gracious host managed to pick the perfect day for a steamup.  The sun came out and we had perfect conditions for long flowing plumes.  Bob's track makes a nice lap around his backyard and is a great place to run.  Attendance was excellent.
64010102.JPG (110340 bytes)
Smoke and steam!  Now that's what I call a plume!
64010165.JPG (127267 bytes)
Accucraft has a wide range of locomotives available to suit any taste.
64010079.JPG (152131 bytes)
An Accucraft Mogul makes a nice plume while hauling logs.
64010048.JPG (121198 bytes)
Graham engine on Steve Shyvers' scratchbuilt wood framed loco.
64010118.JPG (167338 bytes)
Great looking Accucraft English outline narrow gauge loco sports a nice plume.
64010010_.jpg (135678 bytes)
Cliff Luscher ran the new Accucraft Southern Pacific 0-6-0.
64010124_.jpg (139976 bytes)
Rob Lenicheck's neatly modified and weathered Accucraft passes the water tower.
64010022.JPG (106488 bytes)
Tom King's Cricket runs through town.  Where's Gumby?
64010127.JPG (120222 bytes)
Another view of Rob's #217 passing the water tower. (Light effect added.)
64010072.JPG (166910 bytes)
Bob's railway is a great place to enjoy the natural scenery while the trains roll by.
64010179.JPG (120559 bytes)
Steve Heselton turned a Hartford kit into another stellar D&RGW model that looks exceptionally realistic.
64010184.jpg (126961 bytes)
The sun really brings the detail to life.  The markings were airbrushed on using thin brass stencils.
64010028.JPG (128246 bytes)
Lots of wood framed locos - courtesy of Steve Shyvers and the author.
64010062.JPG (128544 bytes)
Cab interior of an Accucraft locomotive.  Lots of neat stuff to see.
64010098.JPG (112810 bytes)
Heading into Acanthus tunnel with 60 PSI showing on the gauge.
64010250.JPG (110943 bytes)
This is the legendary Legend 4-4-0.  A beautiful model that is quite rare.

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