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Steamup at Bob Trabucco's
Los Altos, California
November 18, 2006
Bob opened up his layout again for the BAGRS and PCLS steamers.  As usual, we had a great time.  Tom King and Jeff Williams were nearly speechless when they discovered that David Cole and your correspondent both ran their engines - on the same day!
006.jpg (102642 bytes)
Plenty of plume coming from this Accucraft Shay.
012.jpg (88413 bytes)
Steve Heselton has a real knack for authentic weathering.
021.jpg (104342 bytes)
Bob's track allows for operation of multiple trains.
025.jpg (129420 bytes)
Here's my 7/8th scale logging engine and monster boxcar.
027.jpg (115693 bytes)
Tennis anyone?
029.jpg (87289 bytes)
Another shot of the Isthmus Railway #1
044.jpg (81394 bytes)
Dave Cole's Frank S in action.
051.jpg (140253 bytes)
Dave and Tony in the steamup area.
059.jpg (132195 bytes)
Bob (our host) looks on as Tony prepares the Roundhouse Elsa.
067.jpg (107165 bytes)
I probably don't have to tell you that it runs like a clock.
070.jpg (81137 bytes)
Sandy River and Rangely Lakes #6.
20th.jpg (53134 bytes)
A CAD model of a live steam toy train I have on my (unrealistically long) project list.
048.jpg (111497 bytes)
Dave Cole refuels his LGB/Aster Frank S.
052.jpg (136154 bytes)
Tony playing with trains.

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