Steamup at Gary Broeder's
October 26, 2002

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Mike Martin's backwoods logging loco looks at home at Gary's

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Steve Hesselton's beautiful rolling stock looks great in the fall sun.


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Steve Shyvers heads into Gary's newly expanded yard area.


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Richard Murray's Roundhouse Forney shows a nice plume from the safety valve.


2X260054.jpg (121798 bytes)

Another look at some of Steve Hesselton's realistic rolling stock.


2X260009.jpg (155246 bytes)

Steve Shyvers' Jane locomotive looks great as the sun comes out.


2X260049.jpg (144978 bytes)

Steve Shyvers' scratchbuilding is a source of inspiration for the rest of us.


2X260116.jpg (224867 bytes)

Tom King helping Dan Liebowitz operate Dan's Mason Bogie.


2X260048.jpg (133689 bytes)

Steve Shyvers proudly looks on as his scratch built consist pulls onto the mainline.


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(L to R) Kevin Zem, Gary Broeder, and Steve Hesselton seem to be enjoying the variety of equipment present.


2X260021.jpg (200502 bytes)

Kevin Zem's Ruby is undergoing modifications and turned in some good runs.


2X260022.jpg (125291 bytes)

Gary's bridges make for excellent photo opportunities.


2X260025.jpg (186535 bytes)

Steve Hesselton's C-16 looks at home on Gary's concrete bridge.


2X260005.jpg (172865 bytes)

Steve Shyver's latest project looks good as it nears completion.


2X260127.jpg (177023 bytes)

Steve Hesselton's consist turns heads wherever it goes.

2X260075.jpg (146316 bytes)

Carlo Spirito of Maine made the figures found riding on Steve Hesselton's trains.


2X260047.jpg (125676 bytes)

Steve Hesselton has a real talent for painting and weathering.


2X260056.jpg (203756 bytes)

Rusty and Dan Liebowitz had a great time at Gary's steamup.


2X260008.jpg (131127 bytes)

Closeup of the detailed cab on Steve Hesselton's C-16.


2X260089.JPG (192133 bytes)

I thought I heard Richard Murray mumbling something about "track power".  Fortunately the batteries didn't fit!


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