Steamup at Dan Liebowitz'
Woodside, California
November 17, 2001

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Dan Liebowitz, our gracious host, looks like he's having fun.  I know I did. ...He forced me to run the Daylight ;-).  Not the kind of assignment you would want to turn down! Bill Baxley's Aster Pennsy K4 on The Double Bridge.  Well Bill, how about an operational headlight? :-) Jeff Williams' Accucraft C-16 is a real head turner as it speeds by the station. (Even the "stiff-necked" individual on the platform had to turn and gawk!)
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Steve Shyvers' Billy chassis (from a kit) is running even better every time we see it.  Steve fabricated the saddle tank himself.  We're looking forward to the completion of this beauty. Dan's Aster GS4 in SP Daylight colors makes for a beautiful sight as it stretches out 'round the bend.  It's hard to imagine a more tranquil setting in which to enjoy a steamup.
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Bill's K4 rumbles by on the downgrade from the highline. Jeff Williams observes as the Daylight crosses the double
bridge on the highline.
Tony Dixon handling his coal fired Pacific "Robin Hood".  While I didn't capture any good images of it in action, it put on its usual workmanlike performance.

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Here's a scene from the wrong side of the tracks. Faux SitG cover shot.  Sorry, not enough resolution for a real cover shot.  Nonetheless, Bill's K4 is highly photogenic. Dan's Daylight cooling down in the siding after a long journey on the mainline.

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