Steamup at Dan Liebowitz'
Woodside, CA - May 24, 2003

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1.jpg (129140 bytes)
Tony Dixon prepares his coal
fired Duchess for a run.
2.jpg (119685 bytes)
Ruby Forney conversion?
3.jpg (140916 bytes)
Running under the trees at
Dan's is always a treat.
4.jpg (130391 bytes)
Richard Finlayson doubleheaded
his Aster Schools for many laps.
5.jpg (124151 bytes)
Great looking goods wagons
brought by Bill Turkel.
6.jpg (118155 bytes)
Climax running light.
7.jpg (105634 bytes)
Backshop crew member at work.
8.jpg (100024 bytes)
Dan says this guy looks
like Jack Verducci.
9.jpg (122561 bytes)
Bill Turkel's Darjeeling loco making
its way through town.
10.jpg (142892 bytes)
The "Darj" on the high line.
11.jpg (144272 bytes)
One last look at this beauty.
12.jpg (120099 bytes)
Tom King's Shay pulling its share.
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