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Rusty Liebowitz Memorial Steamup
Woodside, California
May 27, 2006
The steamup community lost a dear friend on February 25th, 2006.  Rusty Liebowitz will be missed by all that had the good fortune to know her.  On May 27th Dan Liebowitz opened his railroad to a large group of small scale steamers as a tribute to Rusty.  There was plenty of excellent food to go around and all that attended had a great time.  We'll miss Rusty.
165.jpg (155137 bytes)
Rob Lenicheck's heavily modified Accucraft C-16 looks at home on Dan's "narrow gauge" branch.
111.jpg (126589 bytes)
Coal firing in this scale is not for the faint of heart.  It's a job of work - but someone has to do it.  In this case; Jim McDavid.
071.jpg (88005 bytes)
Jim built his large boilered Ivatt Atlantic from a kit.  He did a great job on it and it runs like a watch.
048.jpg (99249 bytes)
Live steam accessories come in all shapes and sizes.
011.jpg (152623 bytes)
Jeff Williams' K-27 steams along the original highline.
141.jpg (156842 bytes)
Rob's loco crawls along the newer portion of the highline.
184.jpg (137756 bytes)
Rob's kit built gondola looks great in the sun.
047.jpg (158897 bytes)
Jeff's K-27 outbound on the steel bridge.
188.jpg (131997 bytes)
Bob Trabucco readies his Catatonk Climax for a run.
217.jpg (141756 bytes)
Bill Baxley's Aster Pennsy K4 hauls the freight.  Bill has made many subtle improvements to this fine engine.
189.jpg (127699 bytes)
Robert Youngjohns' Aster Flying Scottsman heads a short rake of coaching stock.
230.jpg (98496 bytes)
Bill's K4 at speed along the back straight.
003.jpg (123275 bytes)
Bill Baxley, Steve Shyvers, and Jeff Williams listen while Jim McDavid explains the details of the coal fired boiler he is fabricating,
006.jpg (99641 bytes)
This is a really good sized firebox as Gauge One boilers go.
008.jpg (142650 bytes)
The fire-hole is large enough to make firing on the run a possibility.
005.jpg (115792 bytes)
The boiler mocked-up in the G1MRA chassis Jim is building.
186.jpg (150153 bytes)
Larry Lund's Porter with the cab removed.
212.jpg (117296 bytes)
Robert and Jim watch as Bill's K4 rumbles past.
031.jpg (141688 bytes)
Bob Trabucco's shay hauling logs out of the hills past the highline.
106.jpg (143890 bytes)
Jim's Atlantic passes through town.
046.jpg (141391 bytes)
Robert's Aster King George is a real beauty.
087.jpg (135407 bytes)
Paul Gamlin's Accucraft Caradoc looks good pulling his scratchbuilt coaches.
149.jpg (146976 bytes)
Rob's C-16 heads back toward the "new" portion of the layout.
143.jpg (231173 bytes)
Tom King continues to refine the track at Dan's.

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