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Steamup at Dan Liebowitz'
Woodside, California
December 23, 2006
Dan Liebowitz hosted a steamup two days before Christmas.  Tom King and Paul Gamlin have been helping Dan organize steamups pretty regularly.  The weather was perfect and the plumes were massive.  As usual, the meal was excellent and everyone seemed to really have a great day.
6Z230010.JPG (170889 bytes)
Once again we find ourselves at a great place to run trains.
6Z230016.JPG (123372 bytes)
This is Steve Shyvers' train.  The cars are scrtachbuilt and the loco is based on a Roundhouse Billy 0-4-0 chassis.
6Z230027.JPG (141034 bytes)
This is Tom King's one-of-a-kind Garrat locomotive that was kitbashed from two Accucraft Rubys by Dave Hottman.
6Z230028.JPG (132942 bytes)
Do you like bridges?  I do.  Dan's railroad has plenty of them.
6Z230034.JPG (132557 bytes)
Steve's Roundhouse bash performs exceptionally well.
6Z230035.JPG (118650 bytes)
Robert Youngjohns' Aster Pannier 0-6-0 tank loco with a rake of coaching stock.
6Z230038.JPG (135072 bytes)
Steve is not only an engine builder, but an engine driver as well.
6Z230041.JPG (118736 bytes)
Looks like Steve is having fun.  I think everyone did.  This was a very relaxed event.
6Z230045.JPG (108901 bytes)
Adjusting the throttle while pulling into the yard.
6Z230050.JPG (89903 bytes)
Steve's neatly laid out cab looks great in the December sun.
6Z230058.JPG (87414 bytes)
Isthmus railways #1, aka "Mike's backwoods loco", seen on the turntable.
6Z230062.JPG (120954 bytes)
Cliff Luscher (Accucraft's outstanding customer service rep) with a C-21 on the newer of the two steel bridges.
6Z230067.JPG (111587 bytes)
Here's the Accucraft C-21 returning from the upper loop on the earlier steel bridge.
6Z230068.JPG (133185 bytes)
This particular engine has an incredibly forceful exhaust blast.
6Z230070.JPG (153709 bytes)
Robert Youngjohns and Tom King discuss blastpipe issues.
6Z230081.JPG (98902 bytes)
It's easy to get lost in the scenery on Dan's railroad.  This portion was built by Jack Verducci several years ago.
6Z230017.JPG (119521 bytes)
Tom does an excellent job of keeping the trackwork in flawless running condition.
6Z230036.JPG (119496 bytes)
Cliff is wondering if we should do a little tree trimming.
6Z230044.JPG (97383 bytes)
One last look at Steve's Roundhouse based 0-4-0.
6Z230079.JPG (87684 bytes)
I wish I could climb aboard and take a ride through the woods.

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