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1.  Jon Toumanian's heavily modified Aster Mikado.

2.  A closer look at Jon's Mikado.

3.  Michael Martin's Western Woods Locomotive.

4.  This is the front end of the Western Woods Loco.

5.  John Garrett's beautiful Aster P8.

6.  Charlie Mynheir's amazing, 27 pound, scratchbuilt Gauge One 0-10-0.

7.  Aster's beautiful new A3 LNER Pacific, "Brown Jack".

8.  A closer look at "Brown Jack".

9.  Jim Montgomery's HO Scale Crampton "Namur".

10.  Another view of Jim's beautiful Crampton type.

11.  Jerry Reshew's custom built Stephenson Planet locomotive.

12.  Another view of Jerry's Stephenson Planet.

13.  Jim Montgomery's Taff Vale locomotive.

14.  Charlie Mynheir's scratch built O-Gauge 0-10-0.

15.  A beautiful LMS 4-6-0.

16.  Bowman 4-4-0. English model steam c.1930.

17.  Part of Charlie Mynheir's impressive lineup.

18.  Aster's "Big Boy".

19.  It takes two shots to see all of this one.

20.  Scratch built 4-8-4 in O-Scale.

21.  Sonni Honniger's incredible scratchbuilt

22.  Jim Montgomery's HO Scale Rocket.

23.  Another look at Jim's HO Scale Rocket.

24.  One last shot of the Rocket.

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