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1.  Part of the load pulled by Jerry Reshew's Stephenson Planet.

2.  Dewitt Clinton scratch built by Charlie Mynheir and owned by Jim Crabb.

3.  Jane owned by David Hamilton, dedicated to the memory of Bob Paule and Erv Mueller.

4.  Jim Montgomery's early Bing locomotive.

5.  John Thompson's coal fired BAGRS Loco.  Too cool!

6.  Backhead view of Richard Finlayson's coal fired C62.

7.  Getting ready to run the Western Woods Loco.  Sterno does the trick.

8.  Richard Finlayson running his coal fired Japanese prototype Aster.

9.  My Loco towing Greg Colonna's boxcar.

10.  Hang on!

11.  A Steam Powered motorhome?  Just kidding!  This was probably the largest locomotive at the event.

12.  Tom Myers watches as this 7/8" scale locomotive trundles past.

13.  One of the neat gifts for registering early underscores the diminutive size of the HO Scale Crampton.

14.  A close look at the burner on Jim's HO Scale Rocket.  Note the lack of combustion clearance.  Nonetheless, the engine runs quite well!

15.  The light is getting low on Saturday evening.

16.  Soni Honniger's awesome K-27 basks in the evening light.

17.  Soni works on his engine.

18.  This little guy seemed to be enjoying his ride.

19.  This is pretty much what things begin to look like at 4:00 AM...  Tom Myers' Roundhouse Katie.

20.  The ingenious cylinder cock arrangement on this O-Gauge Northern.

21.  Jim Montgomery's antique Mogul at speed.  There are more and more antique engines showing up at steamups.  A great trend that I'd really like to see continue.

22.  A rake of reproduction coaches looking good behind the mogul.

23.  Another look at the Mogul.

24.  One last look at the Mogul.

25.  A couple of Larry Smith's engines.

26.  Larry Smith built this repro antique engine from scratch.  It's a beauty and runs quite well!  Looks like another project to add to my endless list of projects.

27.  A gaggle of antique engines from the collection of Larry Smith.

28.  Late Night at the Peanut Gallery.

29.  The red "Coffee Pot" engine is the work of Paul Trevaskis.  The Saddle tanker is a Roundhouse offering.  Nice stuff.

30.  Here are two beauties.  One (right) is David Martin's Legend 4-4-0, the other is Soni's K-27.

31.  This Jane made several good runs.

32.  Evening light sets the mood as Richard Finlayson runs his coal fired Aster.

33.  Here we see a partial view of the three tracks in the atrium at about 3:30 AM.

34.  The Diamondhead Ramada's atrium is a great place for a steamup.  The pool was willingly shared by swimmers, putt-putt boats, and, steam launches.


35.  Winding down late on Sunday night.


36.  Jerry has left the building...  It's over for another year as Jerry waves goodbye.


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