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1.  Jerry Reshew (center) is the founder and Grand Marshall of the worlds greatest steamup.

2.  Charlie Mynheir and his scratch built Steam Turbine locomotive.

3.  Jim Montgomery performs the Voodoo ritual required to make HO live steamers work...

4.  John Coughran, Coal Firing instructor-at-large.

5.  Bill Wilson (expert on antique model locomotives) holds court as Jim Montgomery listens and learns.

6.  Bill Wilson operating some of the interesting equipment he brought.

7.  Kevin O'Connor tries his hand at the throttle of Aster's new Alleghenny.

8.  Jim Crabb adds water to the coal fired BAGRS engine built by John Thompson.

9.  John Thompson shows how to make the sparks fly!

10.  John Shawe seen coal firing his scratch built Jumbo.

11.  Not all Live Steamers are over 40...

12.  The Mardi Gras train passes Charlie Mynheir Jr. and Dawn Brightwell.

13.  More participants enjoying the passing of the Mardi Gras train.

14.  Charlie Jr. looks on as the Mardi Gras train makes another lap.

15.  Clark Lord (second from right) anchors the peanut gallery.

16.  John Garrett provides assistance to Ernie Noa and the author while having his P8 photographed.

17.  Richard Finlayson receives expert consultation from Paul Quirk.

18.  When Charlie Mynheir talks, people listen.  He's arguably one of the most talented model locomotive designer/builders in our hobby.

19.  Yes, Richard got all the pieces back together!  He typically brings a "runner" and a "project" to steamups he attends.

20.  Geoff Spenceley looks on as as a beautiful LMS 4-6-0 is prepared for a run.

21.  Greg Colonna is the owner of the Larry Herget built boxcar being pulled by my Western Woods Loco.  Greg is the sculptor of the neat figures perched on the rolling stock.

22.  Charlie Mynheir observing his handiwork in action.  This Mynheir built DeWitt Clinton has been in Jim Crabb's collection since 1997.

23.  Kevin O'Connor debuts the 2002 Summer Steamup official shirt.

24.  Marc Horovitz listens intently as Charlie Mynheir explains some of the unique features of his engine designs.

25.  It was wonderful to see Carol Paule at this year's Diamondhead.  I sure missed seeing Bob.  They were the first people I met at this event in 1996.  They made me feel like I had found a new home.

26.  Pete Comley, coach builder extraordinaire.  He's a great person to hang out and run trains with too.


27.  David Martin (left) and Richard Finlayson testing Richard's rebuilt Aster Grasshopper.


28.  And when the party's over...  Jerry begins the teardown at the end of another successful Diamondhead event.  I am already looking forward to next year!


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