Diamondhead 2008
International Small Scale Steamup

Diamondhead, Mississippi
January 18-20, 2008
The International Small Scale Steamup was founded by Jerry Reshew in 1992.  Jerry continues to selflessly provide the ultimate event for steam devotees to learn, play, share, and make great friends.
Thank you Jerry.              
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The following images do not begin to convey the number or variety of locomotives and people that attended the event.  Rather, these are an admittedly narrow selection of those things that caught my eye.  Charlie Mynhier's incredible scratch-built Virginian 2-10-10-2 compound deservedly receives a lot of space on this page.  And while the vintage Jensen stationary engine perched atop an LGB flatcar may not be as sophisticated as the Virginian, it embodies the same love for steam that makes the hobby so enjoyable.

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Kevin O'Connor readies his Regner Konrad.
Travis Weidner is the creator of this locomotive.  Who knows where this may lead.
Mike Simpson doubleheads  an Accucraft Edrig (front) with a Roundhouse Sammie.
Charlie Mynhier explains some of his design and fabrication techniques to Robert Orre.
Narrow gauge is alive and well at Diamondhead.
There's always something interesting to see or discuss at Diamondhead
Robert and Yves enjoying their discussion
Lighting at Diamondhead is often difficult and sometimes striking.
Charlie Mynhier's amazing Virginian.  This is the angle of view he likes best.
This model locomotive was designed to negotiate 72" radius curves.
Even the wheels were custom cast for this project.
Tractive effort was measured at 8.5 pounds (50% of the static weight!)
This model is a true compound in that the exhaust steam from the high pressure cylinders is routed to the front (low pressure) cylinders to do more work.
As beautiful as it is sitting on a table, seeing it run is a real treat.  Click here for video
The smokebox is solid, except for the necessary passageways for the exhaust.
This engine is built to a scale of 1/4" to the foot (1:48) and operates on "0" gauge track.

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