Diamondhead 2008
International Small Scale Steamup

Diamondhead, Mississippi
January 18-20, 2008

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An Aster "Schools" class locomotive at speed with a nice rake of coaches.
Each year there are at least a couple of steamers running on HO scale track.
Here's an Aster USRA light Mikado.
One of several Regner engines that seem to be showing up everywhere.
Bob Pope's very clever scratch-built "diesel" was a great spectacle.  Very cool.
Caleb Robert's Aster GS4 at speed on the big oval.
I'm afraid I do not have (nor can find) any information for this Pacific.
The quintet played before the Saturday buffet to an appreciative crowd.
The Clack Valves and Cornets performance was well attended and really is an integral part of the event.
Dan Rowe entertains the crowd.
This is one really well-built boat on display near the pool.
A lineup representing some of Norm Saley's recent mods and scratchbuilding.
Here's another nice steam powered boat.
This way you don't have to look inside a bunch of boxes to see which one contains what...
Dan Rowe's handcar project begins to take shape.
Lots of variety to be found here.

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