Diamondhead 2008
International Small Scale Steamup

Diamondhead, Mississippi
January 18-20, 2008

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A beautiful maroon Aster Jumbo 2-4-0.
Here's Larry Newman's nicely done Mason Bogie conversion based on an Accucraft Ruby.
Shays are quite popular and well represented at Diamondhead.
Regner's line of locomotives are interesting to operate and  appear to be very well built.
Seeing Norm and Ruth Saley makes the trip that much more rewarding.
Norm's work...
Norm's work...
Yet more of Norm's work...
A nicely detailed and weathered Shay.
"Apso" is a 7/8n conversion of a Roundhouse loco by Harvey Watkins.
Catatonk Loco Works Climax locomotive with a set of logging disconnects.
I am not sure of the pedigree of this nice 0-4-0.
Mike demonstrates the international nature of the Diamondhead experience.  Sammie happens to be an American outline loco made in England, while Edrig is an English outline loco made in China.  :-)
A rare Lindsay shay, owned by Bruce Gathman.
This Accucraft SP cab forward made some nice "stalk talk" while pulling the freight.
My .220" bore by .375" stroke stationary engine and boiler ran well at the steamup.

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