Diamondhead 2008
International Small Scale Steamup

Diamondhead, Mississippi
January 18-20, 2008

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The locomotive is in focus, even if James Ritson is not.  I'm sure he understands.
Another of James' locos, "Sir Morgan", consumes a steady diet of coal.
This Roundhouse Fowler put out a great plume considering the relative warmth indoors.
Roundhouse really does a great job with all their engines.
I believe this is an Accucraft Garrat.
.In case the trains and tracks weren't enough to tell you where you were...
It is truly an international event.
Check the glow of the coal fire from the ashpan.
This legendary Cricket steam motor was operated by Kevin O'Connor.
This Roundhouse/Shawe coal fired S.R. & R.L. # 24 is a real runner.
Bob Moser and his Aster Berkshire.
Regner Willi with accessory roof kit.
Norm Saley, master craftsman, at work.
The BAGRS project is now more than 12 years old
This is the original chassis with an experimentally ported motor I built.  I also brought the original (albeit refurbished) motor from the Midwest Model VI kit that is the basis for the original design.
Sadly, the original steam motor for the BAGRS prototype went missing at this year's steamup.  It may have been wrapped in bubblewrap.  I last saw it Saturday night.  It is easily identified with the steel crankshaft and crankpin, separate cylinder head, and the setscrew added to the flywheel. While it has little monetary value, it has great sentimental value.  Please contact me if you have any information concerning its whereabouts.

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