Steamup at Gary Broeder's
Morgan Hill, California
October 27, 2001

(Click Here for Gary's 3-31-01 steamup)

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Steve Shyvers' project based on a Roundhouse Billy kit is well underway. John Porter's Sierra Flume #9. Tony Dixon prepares for a run. Richard's son, John Porter, watches as his engine pulls onto the main. John is a very capable engineer. #9 crossing the low bridge.
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Tony Dixon peers over the top of his beautiful Aster SNCF 232 U1. I didn't get to Gary's early enough to find out to whom this belonged... Pat and Tony Dixon tower over Steve Shyvers' much modified project engine. Beautiful coaching stock! A good time was had by all. A Roundhouse Sammie owned by Jon Bloom.
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Pressure is up and the U1 is ready to pull out of the station. Tony observes as she pulls onto the elevated portion of the mainline. Tony looks as if he's in a hurry! Beauty at speed. Ed Timmerman's "Low Mileage" Sammie was easily distinguished by the decorative feather... The cowcatcher Ed has added is just the beginning; more details are planned.
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Ed's Sammie makes a grand exit from Gary's realistic tunnel. L to R - Steve Shyvers, Tom King, Gary Broeder, and Mike (?). Jon and Ed discuss the finer points of their Sammies. Jon's Cricket making off with Steve's handiwork. Gary's last run of the day was with his Roundhouse Fowler. The U1 wasn't the only fast vehicle at Gary's.

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