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Steamup at Jeff Williams' 
Livermore, California
May 6, 2006
Jeff's track is a great place to operate trains.  He has done a great job of balancing mainline accessibility with plenty of sidings and has made excellent use of crossovers, allowing sophisticated route control.  Mark Scrivner brought his new Berkshire and had a great maiden run.
244.jpg (108617 bytes)
One of two Catatonk Climaxes present at today's steamup.
226.jpg (123382 bytes)
Ann prepares her Teapot on one of the many sidings.
231.jpg (154683 bytes)
Here's a shot of Bob Trabucco's Catatonk Climax and Shay together.  Mike Chaney does a great job building these beauties.
233.jpg (136061 bytes)
The trackwork is well thought out, and well done.
68.jpg (117284 bytes)
Here's Dwight Ennis' new Accucraft C-16.  Great looking engine.
77.jpg (140649 bytes)
Just when we thought live-steamers under 40 were getting scarce, a new generation is getting into the act.
011.jpg (151576 bytes)
Tom King and Bob Trabucco having fun in the Livermore sun.
24.jpg (101156 bytes)
Paul Gamlin's Caradoc at the head end of his scratch-built coaches.
85.jpg (114595 bytes)
Mark sets the Berkshire into motion.  It ran flawlessly for over an hour on its first run.
174.jpg (107396 bytes)
A Roundhouse Engineering Russell building up a head of steam.
137.jpg (118859 bytes)
This beauty is a Bayern Gt2 4/4/DR Maffei Mallet from Aster.
63.jpg (122611 bytes)
The Berkshire looks great from any angle.
22.jpg (129761 bytes)
Tom King's Cricket hauling a set of LGB goods wagons.  (The engine driver looks remarkably like Mike O'Rourke!)
102.jpg (116205 bytes)
Fast freight on the mainline.
151.jpg (113213 bytes)
Russell couples onto its train.
65.jpg (135144 bytes)
The detail on an Aster locomotive is truly amazing.
197.jpg (128890 bytes)
Russell looking smart.
26-2.jpg (128399 bytes)
Bob and Dwight's Climaxes double heading on a log train.
02-2.jpg (128586 bytes)
The Teapot is a very neat locomotive that always elicits comments from the crowd.
145.jpg (115297 bytes)
Paul gets his vintage Roundhouse loco underway.
15.jpg (126051 bytes)
Bob Trabucco's maintenance car is a real head turner.
246.jpg (131284 bytes)
It is quite convincing - even up close.  Nice work Bob!
141.jpg (171696 bytes)
No, it's still not done.  it seems my home improvement projects are suffering from scope creep, leaving no time for modeling.  See more of the Crampton here.
128.jpg (115820 bytes)
Jeff was showing a potential recruit the joys of live steam operation.

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