Steamup at Jim McDavid's
in Fremont, California

Saturday February 28, 2004


We had a great time steaming trains and socializing at Jim McDavid's on a cloudless February day.  Unfortunately, I had to leave before the event was over and was unable to get photos of all the trains and people.  However, I was able to capture some of the event and have chosen a few of my favorite images to share with you here.

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russell.jpg (133964 bytes)

Paul Dibben brought Russell (a Roundhouse Argyle) all the way from Napa.

8.jpg (98420 bytes)

John Porter's Roundhouse loco always turns in a great performance.


SS-billy.jpg (68084 bytes)

Steve Shyvers' great looking 0-4-0 sprints down the back stretch.


TK-shay2.jpg (94387 bytes)

Tom King's Accucraft shay at the head of a    l-o-n-g   log train.


bench.jpg (107473 bytes)

Jim (our host) looks on as Don prepares his Aster P-8 for its first steam trial.


crowd.jpg (126420 bytes)

We had a great turnout and spectacular weather!


finlaysons.jpg (88447 bytes)

Richard shows that this is a hobby the entire family can enjoy.


TK.jpg (127032 bytes)

Tom King prepares his Accucraft Shay for a run.


JM-p2.jpg (145289 bytes)

here's a view from the footplate of Jim McDavid's second generation project engine.


JM-philly2.jpg (117180 bytes)

Jim built this Argyle Philadelphia from the machinist's kit offered a few years back by Gordon Watson.


JM-philly.jpg (129400 bytes)

As you can see, he really did an excellent job on it.


JPF.jpg (102000 bytes)

John Porter tinkering with his engine prior to a run.


logs.jpg (131097 bytes)

Part of the log car set that has become the hallmark of Tom King.

many.jpg (121865 bytes)

Steve and Jim's handiwork side by side.


p8.jpg (114079 bytes)

It's alive!  Don's P-8 ran very smoothly considering how new it is.

philly.jpg (114480 bytes)

Jim shows us the Stephenson's valve gear on his recently completed Philadelphia.



TK-shay-.jpg (120857 bytes)

Tom's shay waitng for a drink at the water tank.


SS-P1.jpg (113643 bytes)

Steve Shyvers' first project loco is a dependable and strong runner.



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