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PCLS Steamup At Jim McDavid's
Fremont, California
February 25, 2006
This was the last official PCLS steamup at Jim McDavid's track. The weather cooperated and there was an excellent turnout.  Jim and his wife will soon be moving to their Walnut ranch in the foothills. Steamups at Jim's have always been relaxed and a great place to just hang-out and absorb all things steam.  Jim and Irene's hospitality will be missed.
62250049.JPG (90969 bytes)
Fueling a Regner "Willi" locomotive.
62250086.JPG (93214 bytes)
Conductor's view of a Regner locomotive being fired.
62250202.JPG (96211 bytes)
This beautifully crafted steam donkey was built by Henner Meinhold, David Wegmuller, and Eric Maschwitz.
62250229.JPG (95629 bytes)
Jim McDavid (our host) and his kit-built Large Boilered Ivatt Atlantic.
62250006-.jpg (93989 bytes)
Richard Murray mesmerized by an Accucraft 3 cylinder shay.
62250022.JPG (106599 bytes)
Jim provided no fewer than five types of coal!
62250021.JPG (104053 bytes)
Jim's custom built Duchess looks good from any distance.
62250043.JPG (96015 bytes)
I believe this is an Accucraft loco.
62250075-1.JPG (82966 bytes)
A Regner "Willi" up close.  This is a great runner.
622501471.JPG (146310 bytes)
The original BAGRS Basic Project is now over 10 years old!
62250082.JPG (115754 bytes)
This is a BAGRS Basic built and operated by a seven year old (with a little help from his dad).
62250213.JPG (117231 bytes)
Jim's coal fired Atlantic is a beauty.
62250132.JPG (99901 bytes)
The Isthmus Railways backwoods loco (built by the author) with oversize boxcar.
62250203.JPG (95638 bytes)
Jim opens the throttle on the mainline.
62250121-1.JPG (88117 bytes)
I believe that's Rob Lenicheck's locomotive behind all the smoke and steam.
62250044-1.JPG (94990 bytes)
Bob Trabucco and Tony Dixon discuss Tony's coal fired Duchess.
62250218-1.JPG (56956 bytes)
Jim's Atlantic flies by on it's maiden voyage.
62250009.JPG (103645 bytes)
Jim's Duchess of Sutherland is coal fired and a truly beautiful locomotive.
73.JPG (136219 bytes)
Dwight Ennis ran his Catatonk Heisler.  Nice engine!
62250102-1.jpg (102217 bytes)
This is just some of the crowd that showed up!

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