Locomotives and Rolling Stock

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Charlie Yost's beautiful Darjeeling loco.  Built by Harvey Watkins.

27140062.jpg (98294 bytes)

Tony Dixon's custom built, coal fired Duchess.

27140063.jpg (100524 bytes)

Another look from the opposite end.

91010002.jpg (105694 bytes)

Jim Overland's coal fired Aster Hudson.

91010003.jpg (91714 bytes)

Dave Palmer's Aster Consolidation.

91010001.jpg (78685 bytes)

____'s Berkeley Locomotive Works Cricket "au-natural".

91010007.jpg (80172 bytes)

Steve Shyvers' custom Roundhouse/Scratchbuilt locomotive.  Nice!

27130013.jpg (88901 bytes)


27120003.jpg (90684 bytes)

Eric Maschwitz's Accucraft Shay.

27130113.jpg (83816 bytes)

______'s Roundhouse Argyle.

27130058.jpg (86224 bytes)

Dan Pantages' beautiful Aster GS4 Daylight.

27130117.jpg (84330 bytes)

_____'s Accucraft early C-16.

27130047.jpg (73224 bytes)

Two of Kevin Shindler's Narrow Gauge beauties built by Harvey Watkins.

27140004.jpg (71009 bytes)

Michael martin's homemade Isthmus Railway loco.

27140035.jpg (78856 bytes)

Driver's eye view onboard the Isthmus No. 1.

27110045.jpg (55891 bytes)

Charley Lix's "Arthur".

91010097.jpg (71433 bytes)

So what if it isn't Live Steam.  Charley's scratchbuilt stuff is awfully cool!

27140024.jpg (69638 bytes)

Kevin O'Connor's Rishon Loco Works coffee pot.

27130021.jpg (88979 bytes)

Dave Palmer's smooth running Aster JNR Consolidation leads this doubleheader.

27130101.jpg (71008 bytes)

Another Lix classic...

27110063.jpg (53472 bytes)

Yet more of Charley's always impressive work.

91010096.jpg (69250 bytes)

IDGAF  aka NO. 9  My kind of engine.  More info? 

27110042.jpg (56241 bytes)

Nice work belonging to _______?

27110074.jpg (66238 bytes)

Jim McDavid's next generation Project Engine.  Nice work, as ususal!

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