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Dan Pantages, Eric Maschwitz, Charley Lix, Gary White, Stretch Manley, and Richard Finlayson engaged in serious pontification.

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Jim Crabb coaches an enthusiastic Jon Bloom on the finer points of coal firing one of John Thompson's Project Engine conversions.

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John Coughran advises as Richard Finlayson fires his recently aquired coal fired mamoth.

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Jim O'Hearn paces his Project Engine.

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Mike ____ raises steam just prior to turning in a sterling performance with his beautiful Stirling.

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Richard Murray readies his Forney.

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Jim Overland and his always impressive coal fired Hudson

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Dave Palmer, recent convert to Gauge One live steam.

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Richard always brings at least one basket case.  He also always manages to get it running!

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Dan Liebowitz and Tom King running Dan's U1.

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Tony Dixon's coal fired Duchess drew lots of admirers.

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Kevin Shindler inspects some of Charley Lix's handiwork.

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Tony Dixon firing his new Duchess.

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Dan Pantages prepping a locomotive.

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Steam is what it's all about...

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Kevin O'Connor demonstrates one of his radiant burners during his excellent seminar.  --> see next image...

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You bet it works!  Less noise and lower gas consumption for a start.  For more information on radiant burners, see Kevin's article at the SouthernSteamTrains website.

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John Coughran, legendary coal firing instructor and Spam aficionado.

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