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Royce Woodbury's nearly complete Philadelphia.

Steve Heselton's modified C-16 cools down after a run.

Aster 0-4-2 in Great Western colors.

Sean Tower's scratch built "Winston".

A look at the butane burner and chain drive on "Winston".

Ric Collins' two-foot Prairie, custom made by Gordon Watson of Argyle Locomotive Works.

Steve Ciambrone's scratch built tram engine "Toby".

Sonny Wizelman's scratch built rail car.

Sonny has created quite an interesting loco.

Accucraft's new Southern Pacific 0-6-0 switcher.

Steve Shyvers' 4-2-0 home brew locomotive ran very well.

Dan Liebowitz' Roundhouse Darjeeling making the rounds.

Sean's "Winston" ran flawlessly.

A radio controlled Argyle Philadelphia.

My backwoods loco takes a few laps on the big track.

Argyle South Pacific Coast three spot.

Norm Saley's Mogul is stunning.

The whaleback tender really makes for a unique look.

An Aster/LGB Frank S putting in a solid run.

One last look at "Winston".

Jim Overland's oal fired Mikado made several great runs.

This is the prototype for Accucraft's new 1:24 Mogul.

Kevin Schindler's ultra cool, ultra narrow gauge "Esmerelda".

Another look at the Argyle Philadelphia.

The Argyle SPC #3 has a look that is unequalled.

The new Mogul put in a lot of laps.

The new large track saw nearly non-stop action.

Narrow gauge and standard gauge peacefully coexist.

An Aster Lion making effortless laps.

Pat Dixon's radio controlled Garden Specialists' "Elsa".

Rob Lenicheck's beautifully detailed C-21.

Rob scratchbuilt the cab on this highly realistic locomotive.

Rail Museum or National Summer Steamup?

Aster Silver Link - three cylinders of power and grace.

Roundhouse S.R.& R.L. number 6.

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