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Sean Tower's "T" Boiler for a Shay locomotive he is building.

Jerry Reshew and Bob Starr talking about live steam.

Earl Martin gave an excellent seminar on Saturday.

The backhead of Jim Crabb's Roundhouse Darjeeling loco.

Pike's Peak Loco Works showed off this beautiful boiler.

It is used in the conversion of Accucraft's K-27 to coal firing.

One could be seen in steam often during the weekend..

Very cool buffer / coupler setup on Kevin Schindler's scratchbuilt flats.

Movie time has become a tradition at the NSS.

I believe Kevin Schindler is in someway responsible for these very lifelike figures.

This one looks a little like Vance Bass...

Wagons, wagons, and more wagons.

Jim McDavid is doing a great job assembling his Ivatt Atlantic.

Jim Overland's Mikado showing all the characteristic grime (charm?) of coal firing.

Rob Lenicheck's great looking D&RGW caboose.

LNER Silver Link pulling a fast set of coaching stock.

Rob and his wife following his train around the original PCLS track. - Sorry about the framing!

I'm not sure what they were for - but there were two at the new track.

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