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The Saturday evening barbeque was well attended.







I always learn something new and interesting from Geoff Spenceley.

Jim Overland receives a door prize.

Richard Murray receives a door prize.

Kevin O'Connor receives a door prize.

This is but a small sampling of those that received door prizes from the generous donors.

Brendan _______ helps out with the door prize drawing.

Dan Liebowitz receives a plaque recognizing his contributions to the hobby.

Norm Saley watches as Dan Liebowitz' "Darj" roar past.

I am sorry to say I did not record the names of these two live steamers.

Can someone spare this man a new pair of gloves?!

Jim Overland makes coal firing look easy.

Bob Starr doing what he likes to do - run trains!

Tom King operating John Coughran's coal fired "Jack".

John usually takes on a at least one new coal firing student at every steamup.

Jim tends to the fire in his Mikado.

John runs a first class operation.

Great turnout for the G1MRA group photo.

Grover Cleavland adjusts the newest addition to his roster.

Peter Lenicheck blows the whistle on Dad's engine.

My guess is he'll have his own engine before too long...

It looks like Grover has got this one running well.

Kevin Schindler is one of the many "hardcore" narrow gauge enthusiasts.

Norm Saley preparing for a run.

Richard Finlayson and his coal fired E-Bay rescue project.

Jim Overland and Jim McDavid enjoying the staemup.

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