Refurbishing The Basic Project Engine

The newly refurbished Basic Project Engine seen pulling a heavy load.

Photo from Dan Liebowitz' steamup in Woodside, CA - March 1st, 2003.

This is the Basic Project Engine as it looked when first built in 1995.  I have no way to count the BPEs built by people to date, but I was pleased to see several in operation this year at Diamondhead 2003.
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Here is the engine as it appeared in 2002. Note the "new sneakers" look afforded by the recently replaced (and un-weathered) axleguards! The coat of Boxcar Red paint was applied in 1998.
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By the end of the 2002 steamup season, the motor had seen a lot of miles and needed to be refurbished to restore the power it once had.  In fact, with the larger bore and slightly longer stroke, it is more powerful than before.  Read more...
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