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Line Drawing of Single Cylinder Slide Valve Steam Engine
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About This Site
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Animated cutaway of a horizontal slide valve steam engine
A few thoughts about this site...

At left:  A cutaway CAD model of a slide valve equipped horizontal steam engine
For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with all things mechanical.  I was fortunate to be born into a family where I had a well equipped workshop at my disposal.  One half of the family garage was home to all sorts of tools and raw materials.  (The other side was filled with tropical fish - but that's another story...)  At thirteen, I went "halves" with my dad on a Taig Micro-Lathe.  At that age, metalworking seemed to be the most noble of the manual skills one could acquire - I am still of the same opinion.  Of course, it took many years of practice before I became adept at using the lathe and its milling attachment.  Since then, I have added an Atlas 6" lathe (with milling attachment!) to my collection.  In the mean time, my professional career has taken a considerable toll on time available for hobby pursuits.  As a result,  I now seem to spend more time developing design ideas in CAD than making real parts.  While I enjoy modeling in CAD, the greatest pleasure really does come from making chips.

This website was created as a vehicle to share the enjoyment I have derived from the hobby of Model Engineering. I have named the site "Modern Steam" because I have a passion for blending the use of modern tools with the sort of traditional craftsmanship that was an integral part of the steam era. This pursuit continues to provide great opportunities to learn new skills, while at the same time challenging and strengthening existing skills.

An unexpected benefit of this journey has been the number of great friendships I have gained over the years within the Small Scale Live Steam and Model Engineering communities. I can only hope this site serves as a way of saying "Thank You" to all those that have been so open and generous with their time and knowledge.

I cannot imagine having a more interesting and varied hobby to pursue, or better friends to share it with.

"Happy Steaming" - Mike

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This page last updated Sunday, March 14, 2010