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Stock Drive Products
(516) 328-3300
  • Brass Sprockets
  • Brass Ladder Chain
OEM of the chain and sprocket.  Huge selection of same.  A $50.00 minimum order is usually enforced.
Brandbright Ltd
01 263 588755
  • Axleguards
  • Displacement Lubricator
Based in the UK.  Lead times can vary - depending on whether the parts are in stock at the time of order.  Consider making your own from .064" x 1" Brass Strip from K&S Engineering. (See drawing).  Or, consider using one of the many sets available from other casting vendors.
Sierra Valley Enterprises
  • Wheelsets
Sierra Valley has a great range of steel wheels that include plain, spoked, and those with round holes.  See their site for pictures of each.
Ozark Miniatures
  • Link and Pin Couplers
  • Poling Pockets
  • Assorted Details
Ozark is one of many producers of white metal castings in a number of popular scales.  Many of their products will be found in local hobby stores.
Midwest Products Co., Inc.
(800) 348-3497
  • Midwest #987 Heritage Steam Engine Kit
  • Wood Strips
The popular range of Midwest stripwood will be found in local hobby stores.  Sizes and species of wood may be substituted.
Midwest makes two Steam Engine kits.
The #987 (Heritage) comes with the motor already assembled and a boiler that is already soldered complete with a safety valve.
The #980 (Model VI). It is less expensive but requires more work to assemble and does not have a safety valve.
Tower Hobbies
  • Midwest #987 Heritage Steam Engine Kit
  • Fuel Line Clamps
  • Small Screws
The engine may be found at local hobby shops. Midwest's part number is #987.  Tower Hobbies now calls this same model part number "LXSM83"
K&S Engineering

  • Brass Tubing
  • Brass Rod
  • Brass Strip
K&S Engineering's brass materials will be found at local hobby shops and some hardware stores.


Sulphur Springs Steam Models
(573) 898-3040
  • Brass Sprockets
  • Brass Ladder Chain
  • Displacement Lubricator
  • Wheelsets
  • K&S Brass Tubing
  • K&S Brass Rod
  • K&S Brass Strip
  • KIT-BPE (all the above)
Owner's health has impacted operations.  Please check with them to see if they are still in operation.

Huge selection of parts and accessories for the live steam enthusiast.  They have packaged a discounted "completer kit" (KIT-BPE) for the Basic Project Engine.

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