Friday at Diamondhead 2003

January 17th from 10:00 am to ~2:30 am the following morning.

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Vertical boilers are becoming more prevalent on a variety of really interesting "lokies".

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Nice Mallet with Roundhouse cylinders.

b-Fri-03.jpg (66328 bytes)

Antique Bing at speed!

b-Fri-04.jpg (65955 bytes)

Tinplate charm was abundant at this year's meet.

b-Fri-05.jpg (62021 bytes)

Those coupling rods really fly.

b-Fri-06.jpg (79079 bytes)

James Ritson prepares a proper, coal fired, train.

b-Fri-07.jpg (74179 bytes)

Coal firing is awesome!

b-Fri-08.jpg (73272 bytes)

Sir Morgan at speed.  Check the glow from below the firebox.

b-Fri-09.jpg (64566 bytes)

Boats in the Pond... (BitP?)

b-Fri-10.jpg (79767 bytes)

This man has built three of the BAGRS project engines.  He says he's having a lot of fun with them.  He introduced himself to me but I am sorry to report I failed to record his name.

b-Fri-11.jpg (73948 bytes)

John Shawe, coal fired legend.  (Or, is that supposed to be,"John Shawe, coal firing legend"?)

b-Fri-12.jpg (90875 bytes)

Jihn Thompson went way, WAY over the top with his coal fired version of the BAGRS Project! 

b-Fri-13.jpg (64538 bytes)

It runs great, nice work!

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