Saturday at Diamondhead 2003

January 18th from 10:00 am to ~5:00 am the following morning.

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Jim Overland looks content as he readies a loco for a run.  As you can see, he's not the only one generating coal smoke these days.

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With a firebox full of glowing coal and safety valves lifting, Larry Bangham's David Bailey-built K-27 wants to go.

c-Sat-03.jpg (78745 bytes)

Larry appears to be having fun - we all did!

c-Sat-04.jpg (69315 bytes)

Roundhouse locos were as prevalent as ever.

c-Sat-05.jpg (74371 bytes)

Another look at a good looking train.

c-Sat-06.jpg (45846 bytes)

Mallard taking on water at speed!  (Not really, but it sure looked good at speed.)

c-Sat-07.jpg (85856 bytes)

Lynn and Dawn were having a great morning.  Of course it's hard to do anything else when you're at a large steamup.

c-Sat-08.jpg (60924 bytes)

Proper form!

c-Sat-09.jpg (70215 bytes)

Pete Comely seems happy wandering about in the smoke!

c-Sat-10.jpg (98267 bytes)

Jim Hadden's Rotary plow is a beauty!  (Hey Jim, better check the wheel bearings - that's a lot of motive power being used there!)

c-Sat-11.jpg (93714 bytes)

Light - steam - action!

c-Sat-12.jpg (101897 bytes)

Soni Honneger's scratchbuilt K-27 looks good behind Jim's rotary plow.

c-Sat-13.jpg (187403 bytes)

They don't come much prettier than this.

c-Sat-14.jpg (92085 bytes)

The infamous Quintet sounded great.

c-Sat-15.jpg (99112 bytes)

Future steamers.

c-Sat-16.jpg (89369 bytes)

3:00 am bull session...

c-Sat-17.jpg (78318 bytes)

I am looking forward to seeing Marc Horovitz's double boilered steam monorail in operation.  (Yes - MONORAIL!)

c-Sat-18.jpg (66487 bytes)

According to the locals, this is some sort of outhouse on wheels, rumored to be made of popsicle sticks.  For the real story go here and here.

c-Sat-19.jpg (101009 bytes)

This little guy is a regular at steamups in the Pacific Northwest.

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