Thursday at Diamondhead 2003

January 16th from 8:30 pm to ~7:00 am the following morning.

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a-Thur-01.jpg (63676 bytes)

Boats in the Pond... (BitP?)

a-Thur-02.jpg (64572 bytes)

One of several BAGRS derivatives that made an appearance this year.

a-Thur-03.jpg (70513 bytes)

I didn't get the builder's name on this beautiful model.

a-Thur-04.jpg (75308 bytes)

Very nice Southern 4-4-0 likely built by one of the many G1MRA members that came from the UK.

a-Thur-05.jpg (97454 bytes)

Some of Norm Saley's beautiful and  incredibly realistic work.

a-Thur-06.jpg (83064 bytes)

Geared locos are always popular and well represented at Diamondhead.

a-Thur-07.jpg (76457 bytes)

Jon Toumanian brought a really neat Steam motor made by the same group responsible for the Stanley Steamers.

a-Thur-08.jpg (77382 bytes)

Legend 4-4-0 all decked out and polished.

a-Thur-09.jpg (73848 bytes)

A brand new Schools?  New old stock that is.

a-Thur10.jpg (73520 bytes)

Not a scratch on it - what a find!

a-Thur-11.jpg (72420 bytes)

Larry Smith's scratch built Schoenner replica.  It's equally at home on display or on the track.  A real runner.

a-Thur-12.jpg (72084 bytes)

Tinplate is were it's at!

a-Thur-13.jpg (68959 bytes)

Murray Wilson's antique tinplate doesn't get a chance to rest - much to the delight of many an onlooker.

a-Thur-14.jpg (88964 bytes)

Another look at this handsome loco.

a-Thur-15.jpg (78035 bytes)

Murray making things ready.

a-Thur-16.jpg (72920 bytes)

Poetry in motion.

a-Thur-17.jpg (63790 bytes)

Toy train?  Not from my perspective - it breathes fire, pulls wagons, and belches smoke and steam.  What more could one ask for?

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